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Welcome to VSSE HQ, !

The best place for that all-important dose of shoot-'em-up news on the #1 light gun series TIME CRISIS!! We're bringing you up-to-date with this popular arcade and Playstation2 shooter from !


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Papa's got a Brand New Site!

  • Looking better and easier to navigate than before! What do you think? (poll)
  • Check out the left navigation menu to find your way easily around the site.
  • You MUST see the NEW HiScores lists and check up on who's hot and who's not!
  • Check out the Chat area to talk to fellow agents live, if you can catch them online!
  • The Forum has changed, and is also much more friendly to use. Click the link on the menu to go there.
  • We're still open to suggestions on how we can improve our fan-site. It could still get better! Let us know (Forum or E-mail)!

Site Outline

Welcome to the BEST Namco Time Crisis series fan-site on the netů The VSSE Global Network! It's all about the hit light gun game series for Arcade and Playstation1/PS2! At this site, you'll find:

  • WEEKLY up-to-date info on the hit TC game series!
  • LOTS of INFO (ie: TC merchandise, etc.!) and other cool stuff like walkthroughs, bonus pointers, tips, biographies, new TC game previews, and cool must-see pictures!
  • TC fan-fictions, scanned photos, and the BEST TC fan-art! Yeah, we want YOUR FAN-WORK!!!!
  • Dedicated HIGH SCORES section for each TC game, so you know who not to mess with! Of course, if that's you, then send your best scores in and get them posted!
  • Cool DOWNLOADS like a TC Dreamcast VMU game and TC game movie clips!
  • TC VOTING polls - i.e. favorite agent, Crisis Zone vs. TC2, etc.
  • fast and easy-to-use TC discussion FORUM (Chat about TC here!)
  • AND MORE...

After you check this site out, tell us how you found this site (poll) and where are you from (poll) , bookmark it, then e-mail Wunko, contact us on AOL IM, or post a message (preferred) on the forum for comments, suggestions, and questions! Please tell your friends about VSSEGN and feel free to link to our site! If you do, we can put a link to your site on our links page!

Time Crisis

The original classic that was so popular, it inspired this site! Remind yourself of its wonder here.

Time Crisis: Project Titan

The side story to Time Crisis that never made the arcades. See the action here.

Time Crisis 2

The official comeback from the creators of Time Crisis - and definitely better than ever! Check out the facts in here.

Time Crisis 3

The latest and greatest hit, TC3 is already out in arcades across the world, and yes it's good on PS2! Just take a look inside...

Crisis Zone

A side chapter in the same style except with hardcore machinegunning counter-terrorist action! Read the briefings below!

Time Crisis Mobile

Bring TC everwhere and type out the ammo! Make the call!

Time Crisis 4

The long-anticipated sequel is back for 2006. New gameplay style. Biological threats. Are you ready?

Website Requirements

This site was made specially for Wunko by me, Agent BoffinbraiN, and was designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and beyond, on a decent screen size of 800 x 600. Site requires only Javascript to operate. If you don't have Java, then you should consider wearing a caveman's costume and putting a bone through your hair... or possibly upgrading your browser, Grampa . For any questions regarding website development, contact me clicking my name above.

Disclaimers and Copyright

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Website Copyright 2005 and beyond by BoffinbraiN and Wunko of . Please ask for permissions before using material from this site (i.e.. images, our site graphics, fan-art, fan-fictions, poems, articles, info, text, etc.) to be used elsewhere, especially exclusive contents such as our fan-made submissions. They each individually belong to an author/artist that has given us permission to post them. We don't tolerate plagiarism. After you notify Wunko please also credit us if you use them. Although images such as screenshots aren't originally from VSSEGN, we would still like credit if you do use them if you discover them from our site. We set the same example by crediting our sources of info. If you do not wish to have your e-mail address posted because of a submission to us, you must let us know.

Don't forget to make a link to our site! and we'll link to yours! We are not responsible for the content and validity of the links at on our Links section.

Nothing here is for profit. The logo is strictly for my websites ONLY (not for anyone else). Time Crisis, Crisis Zone, Vampire Night, their logos, characters, games, etc. belongs to . Police 911 and Silent Scope belong to Konami, The House of the Dead and Virtua Cop belong to Sega, Playstation belongs to Sony CEI, and any other games mentioned belong to their respective owners. We are NOT related to Namco or any group, media, or profit makers. We are just normal fans and video game consumers. Phew!